Ceritane ABay

17 06 2008

Beberapa waktu lalu, admin sempat meminta beberapa rekan (melalui sms atau blog) untuk mengirim posting ttg apa saja (pengalaman tugas, hidup, belajar dll) utk dimuat di blog moropadma ini. Syukurlah ada yang menanggapi hal itu, rekan kita Andri bayu priyono adalah salah satu dari satu-satunya orang (saat ini) yang mau berbagi cerita dengan kita tentang pengalamannya selama mengikuti KIBI di PUSBASA DEPHAN.

Tulisannya pake bhs inggris, saya sendiri gak bisa nerjemahkan karena levelnya dah High level banget.. tinggal beberapa level menuju kiamat..! jadi saya muat apa adanya aja because I cannot translate it as delicious as my belly button (karena saya gak bisa nerjemahkan seenak udelku dhewe). Yang jelas bahasa inggrisnya dah canggih dan not a play – lah ! (bukan main lah !) Oke son, ditunggu kisah dari rekan2 yang lain. Berikut ini kisahnya mas Abay45….

Dear Admin

I’m so sorry, you’ve waited my e-mail for long time since your last message given to me. I got a little bit busy here, I hope you can understand. Finally,as my promise to you, I want to tell you all about Defence Force Language Centre (DLFC = PUSBASA-DEPHAN), my daily activities as a student, and examinations on English course at DFLC . I prefer to jot down this information in English because it is one of the ways that I can apply and practise my foreign language.

First of all, I would like to describe around DFLC. It is located at 1th Jati street, Pondok Labu- South Jakarta. It is near Dislitbangal and Pangkalan Jati Naval Residence.. DFLC is the best place for military personnels and civil state employees for all of grades and ranks to learn and to enhance their foreign language such as English, Mandarin, Japanese, French, and Arab. In addition to those languages, DFLC also offers to study Indonesian Language for foreign student. DFLC has good educated and experienced teachers and two of them are native speakers. DFLC has three main tremendous buildings. The first building is SIGRA I named Sultan Hasanuddin or new building. It has UG floor that has a small Gym, a common room and a dinning room (only for foreign student and foreign teacher) and four storeys that first floor is for French teachers and staff rooms, second floor is for head master and staff rooms, third floor is dorms for middle ranks military students and the last floor is rooms for foreign students and foreign teachers. The Second main building usually called old building, has three storeys that first floor is used for administrative staff rooms, a fabulous hall that it’s usually for formal meeting such as opening or closing a course and sometimes for indoor sports such as badminton and table tennis, as well as a small canteen, along side with small koperasi. The second floor is for classrooms, Learning Centre (LC), and English teachers office. Third floor is for language laboratories, Mandarin and Arabian teachers office, and recording room. The third main building is SIGRA 2 that has four storeys and is used for dormitory for military and civilian students including me. It is a comfortable dorm that I’ve ever found. The dorm is equiped with Panasonic air conditioner, king-size bed made in America, an ellegant bath room, exlusive tables and cupboards, full wi-fi signal as well. Besides the three main buildings, DFLC also has another dinning room and mushola.

The English course is held for about three months. I have joined an English course at DFLC for two months. So, I will have finished the course in the earlier of July. There are about 120 students here now to study English. They come from different units and ranks ( army, air force, navy and civilian). For English, it has six class which one class is for Advance level, four class is for Intermediate level, and the rest is for Elementry level. In formal school days from Monday to Friday that starts from 07.00 am until 15.00 pm. There is a morning and afternoon roll call. It is compulsory for us to attend the roll call. The teachers usually teach us about materials from ALC (America) and AELC (Australia) books in the classroom. We also use language labolatories for listening materials. Sometimes, we have an impromptu speech to practice our speaking. Then the last we have a lesson about writing an academic essay, of course we do many exercises in writing. It is the most difficult skill than listening, speaking, and reading skill. After formal school hours, we can do our own activities such as sports, going downtown, or having an additional lesson in groups. The regulation is not strict here. For example : Sleeping in the dormitory is not a must. If we’ve married, we can go home as long as our home is still around JABODETABEK. But don’t be late attending the morning roll call. By the way, I’ve brought my families here and lived near DFLC. It is not allowed for the students to live at dormitory with their family.

At DFLC, we will face  three kinds of test. They are Introductory test, Midterm test, and Final test. Every test consist of ALCPT, Structure test, and ADFELPS test. ADFELPS stands for Australian Defence Force English Language Profiling  System  that consists of a four skill test. They are Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing skill test. The Introductory test is for classifying our level and class. The Midterm test is for measuring our progress in English after joining KIBI for one month. If few students can’t achive the standard score, he/she will be down grade. But if a student get the score more than the standard score, he/she will be up grade. Then, The Final test if for determining wether we pass or fail in this course. When we end up our course, only the score of  ADFELPS test is written in our certificate. Every student have to achieve the standard score in each level. In Elementary level, the students have to get score 5 in ADFELPS test, in Intermediate level, the students have to achieve  score 6 in ADFELPS test and In Advance level, the student must get at least  score 7 in ADFELPS test,  if one of the students can’t achive the score, he/she will have no certificate. In the other word, he/she has failed. Yeah, I know that it’s a little bit strick regulation.

Okay, Sun! I have another thing to do. This week is hard week for me because I have to prepare myself for final test. I hope you will join this course someday. I’m so proud of you that you’ve already gone abroad. Hopefully, one day, I have a chance too. Don’t forget to bring me souveneers.  I am sorry for making you a little bit busy with my English e-mail. I also send to you a few pictures dealing with my activities here.

Your comrade,


Nah itu dia kisahnya.. kalo pengin terjemahan dalam bhs Indonesia ,langsung hubungi yang bersangkutan ! Udaah.. gak usah ragu2 daripada situ bingung ngebaca tulisan dlm bhs inggris yang advance sehingga menyebabkan kejang2, panas berkepanjangan dan muntaber.

Admin tidak bertanggung jawab atas efek yang disebabkan oleh posting ini.

Makasih ya mprit Soen… 😀 ditunggu kisahmu yang lain.




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25 07 2008

Salut untuk mas Andri Bayu!!….Saya tahu memang mas Andri ini semangatnya besar sekali untuk maju, dan otaknya juga sangat encer untuk belajar sehingga gak salah kalo sekarang Englishnya sudah level edvance plus. Saya sebagai temennya merasa bangga dengan bapak yang satu ini. Mudah2an dengan bekal english yang sudah mantap ini dapat semakin meningtkatkan karir dan kesempatan untuk terus maju. AMiiiiiin

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